So hey, I totally have a second/main tumblr that I use for reblogging and following and general tomfoolery, if anyone’d like to follow me, for some reason. I am always kind of nervous posting non-art things on this tumblr, so I talk more often on the other one.

missingsun is me being a giant nerd. I post a lot of teen werewolves, Hannibal, Community, Vikings, Assassin’s Creed, Dragon Age, and Game of Thrones. And uh, anything else that strikes my fancy, idk. Also, I make fun of renqa a lot.

Ask box responses under the cut! 

secondlina asked:That auction thing actually reminds me… do you sell prints? Because I would love one of your teen wolfies as kiddies. That image makes me want to watch the show AND write werewolf stories. It’s kinda awesome!

Anonymous asked: Would you ever consider selling prints of your work through something like society6?

I actually have a society6 account! But I haven’t uploaded anything in a reeeeeally long time because I was having trouble with my Paypal for a while. I recently got that sorted, so I just need to get off my lazy butt and do that;;

Though, query: does Society6 allow for fanart? Or would I be better off going to Redbubble for that or something? Uh.

p.s. @secondlina, you should totally watch teen wolf iajs

wan-shi-tongs-cave asked: I think you are my favourite artist, like ever. You put so much symbolism into your pieces, (mythology, runes, plant meanings, trinities and duality, I could go on) and it just makes me feel like looking at everything you do is both a work of art and a treasure hunt for all the little details that make the piece so beyond phenomenal. Yeah, you rock.

aaaaaaa tHANK YOU, this may be one of my most favourite things anyone has ever said to me?? TREASURE HUNT fjdsk i love it. I love knowing that there’re people who like looking at and for the little dumb things, it makes me happy. ;u;

alyseofwonderland asked: I feel compelled to write a Tween Wolf story because of you. Send Help! It’s going to be painful.

IF YOU DO, PLEASE LINK ME ASAP. I want to read all the fic.

missykitkat asked: Hullo! I just wanted to say you’re really awesome at drawing, so virtual High Five for your talent. I’m Kat.

HI KAT. Thank you! *u* I am so down with high fives for all occasions, you don’t even know.

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    Well, there you have it folks. Teen wolf is in my future. I need something to watch while drawing, and sexy wolves it...
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